Hacking, HAM Radio (EA1IYR), DSP, physics and more



Although I try to conceal it with varying degrees of success, I’m a huge nerd with a distorted sense of humor that loves programming, hacking, physics, astronomy, math, radio, history and linguistics. For a long time I used to bother^H^H^H^H^H^H talk to my friends about my personal projects and experiments in different social networks. However, as my projects got increasingly complex and difficult to explain, it became obvious that social networks were not the best platform to communicate them.

In this blog I will try to tell the world about what I do in my spare time, my researchs, findings, conclusions, crazy scientist experiments, successes, failures, accidents and funny results. Also, I think the blog layout is pretty cool, so I may end up enjoying my own posts too.

Stay tuned!